We've partnered up with Klyk, a sustainable hardware provider, to make life simpler for your care service when it comes to getting mobile devices in place.

Klyk provide cost-effective refurbished Samsung handsets that come with 2 years of mobile device management (MDM) included. Our MDM service means we can restrict access so that carers can only use permitted apps that you want them to use (Log my Care being one of them). The MDM service also means you can limit the devices to only work on your WiFi network or only work within a certain radius of your care service (through geofencing). We'll set all of this up for you remotely, based on your preferences, there's no complex setup for you whatsoever.

klyk and log my care

This is a fully managed service providing you with suitable high-spec Samsung devices. Just tell us how many handsets you need and we will manage the rest.

We will send your order to Klyk, who will take care of setting the devices up to your preferences and getting them delivered to your care service so that they are ready for you to use straight out of the box. We will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have related to the devices.

How much does each device cost?

The handsets are offered to Log my Care customers at a standard rate of £250 (including VAT) per device which includes 2 years of the fully managed MDM service. This price includes all costs such as the set-up fee, delivery, and any troubleshooting.

How do I place an order?

Please sign into the Care Office and chat to us. We will need to know how many handsets you want and to confirm that you're happy for us to invoice you for them. For existing customers, we will add this to your Log my Care bill. For new customers, we will also need to ask for card or direct debit details. By placing an order with us, you are acknowledging and accepting Klyk's standard terms and conditions.

Do I need to do any setup myself?

Nope, just let us know which apps to permit and we will lock down the phones for you. When they arrive, you should just need to turn them on and connect them to the internet.

Which devices can I expect?

You can expect a high-grade Samsung device, such as the rugged dust/water resistant Samsung Xcover 4. Depending on available stock levels.

How long will the delivery take?

Your devices can be delivered ready to go within 10 days from us receiving payment.


If your device arrives and does not work, please contact our support by chat and we will arrange for a return or replacement with Klyk.

Manufacturers Guarantee

Klyk includes a 1-year guarantee and will ensure that devices are either replaced or repaired to good working order should they be presented with issues that do not include elements of normal and fair wear and tear.

What happens after 2 years?

The devices belong to you from day one. The MDM service is included for 2 years but then will need to be renewed if you wish to continue at £50 per year per device. If you choose not to renew, the device will still be able to function as a standard handset but it'll no longer be locked down in any way.

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